Technical Expertise

Our core activity is outsourcing of software testing and quality assurance services. We work around the globe using our on-shore and off-shore testing centers with hundreds of test-engineers from various areas of specialization and product knowledge.

Areas of Expertise:

We provide QA services for:

  • Desktop/Web/Mobile Applications;
  • Embedded Applications;
  • Web services, API;
  • Terminals, ATM;
  • IP TV.

We have extensive expertise in testing enterprise products such as:

  • SAP (all modules);
  • Oracle e-Business Suite;
  • Lotus Domino/Notes;
  • SAS;
  • EMC Documentum;
  • Microsoft SharePoint;
  • Core Banking Systems;
  • Telecom Operational and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS);
  • Retail Management Systems, POS systems;

We can measure the performance and find the bottlenecks in products running on:

  • Oracle DB Server;
  • MS SQL Server;
  • Informix;
  • DB2.

operating in:

  • Windows;
  • Solaris;
  • AIX;
  • HP-UX;
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux;
  • SuSE, etc.

Technologies, Tools, and Instruments

In most of our projects related to performance testing, we use such instruments as:

  • HP Application LifeCycle Management / LoadRunner;
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester;
  • Microfocus SilkPerformer;
  • Grinder;
  • Apache JMeter;
  • Yandex Tank;
  • tools for benchmarking (IOzone, FIO, etc).

We do system analysis and explore performance “bottlenecks” with:

  • HP Diagnostics;
  • MS SQL Profiler;
  • Precise I3, etc.

We perform projects involving functional testing and automated testing, including mobile QA, with:

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP Quality Center);
  • HP QuickTest Professional;
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager;
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server;
  • Soap UI;
  • TestLink;
  • Cucumber;
  • Redmine;
  • Altova XML Spy;
  • SQL Developer;
  • UI Automator;
  • Selenium;
  • Appium;
  • MonkeyRunner;
  • Ranorex;
  • Robotium;
  • Test Complete 10.

We developе automated scripts using the following methodologies:

1. Technologies and models:

  • Continuous Integration;
  • Continues Delivery;
  • Data Driven Testing;
  • Model Based Testing;
  • Behavior Driven Testing;
  • Key-Word Driven Testing.

2. Build systems:

  • TeamCity;
  • Jenkins;
  • Bamboo;
  • Hudson.

3. Bug tracking systems:

  • JIRA;
  • Redmine;
  • Mantis;
  • Bugzilla;
  • TaskTracker;
  • Quality Center;
  • Team Foundation Server.

4. Static code analysis:

  • SonarQube;
  • FindBugs;
  • GrammaTech’s CodeSonar;
  • PHD;
  • PVS-Studio.

5. Verification code system – Review Board

We conduct security testing using following tools:

  • Nessus Vulnerability Scanner;
  • Metasploit;
  • MaxPatrol;
  • RedCheck;
  • DS LifeCycle Management System.

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